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Having a guide, and a mentor in your journey is a profound additive to your self discovery and transformation as a human being. We came here to learn and grow as souls, and as people. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of people from all over the world, and I found that I really enjoy working with people in containers such as the ones that I have created.


Trust is a really important factor in any relationship that is being built. I am a trustworthy individual and I will not only lovingly highlight the areas in your life that can be shifted and improved upon, but I will also point out and remind you of your strengths. Trust implies honesty, and authenticity.


My values that drive me emotionally are Truth, Joy, and Altruism.

This reflects in the work that I do with all of the wonderful beings that I have been blessed to work with.


Currently  I am offering the 13 Month Long Healers Certification Mentorship and Apprenticeship Program, as well as the 3 Month "Shapeshifter" Program

 "Foundations" The 13 Month Healers Mentorship Program


Next Group Begins 1.30.23 Early Application Below 

Apply For the 13 Month Healers Certification Program

Thank you, Crow will be in touch.

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Testimonials From the Jordan's Mentorship Program

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Charmaine- She/Her
Zeph- Any/No
Ellis He/Him
Allen He/They
Ray Born  She/Her
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