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Who Is Shanique Olivia "ESSOESS" ?

Shaniqué Olivia, a.k.a. ESSOESS

is an esoteric empowerment empress of Jamaican descent who is here to help you find your way back "home." With over 13 years of experience, she is here to help you find and remove blockages that prevent you from living the life you truly desire. Using the language of breath, the energy of Reiki, and the many gifts passed down from her ancestors - not limited to but including psychic healing,  mediumship & card readings.

Shaniqué has an extensive resume and has worked as a project manager, stylist, model, MMA fight promoter, curator, and creative director, to name a few. Her vast experience gives her the ability to work with and relate to a vast clientele. It has allowed her to understand that we are not stuck or bound by one particular path. Freedom is our right and is within all of us; she hopes to awaken this sentiment within the community to bring forth the light that resides in all.


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