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Boundaries and Borders

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In this free course you will learn the basics of Boundaries: With this generation we have been so blessed to be able to discuss these topics openly and to be able to take care of ourselves. We have far to go but it is worth acknowledging the privilege that we hold, I see immense potential and learnings that are being added to collective consciousness of humanity. This means that all of the new souls coming in will benefit greatly from any of the work that we personally put in! As we are all connected, interconnected and interdependent on one another. Thank you for showing interest in this very important topic, as if you wish to have a relationship with anything outside of yourself, this foundational understanding can be applied to all that you do. In this FREE course you will..... Understand what boundaries are. Inner and Outer Boundaries. How to set them for yourself. How to set them for others. Tools for Healing and Recovery When your boundaries have been crossed. Advocate for yourself. And hopefully have some joy in getting to know yourself better. Enjoy X Crow X

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